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It seems that this weeks hot topic is professional experience.  There have been some great blog posts from the 3100 cohort already about getting ready to embark on professional experience.  Jenni ,over at Adventures in Technology has compiled a great blog post where she makes reference to Practicum Online.  What a great resource that sets out some key ideas to consider prior to embarking on professional experience.  I particularly liked her formula: planning+learning+reflecting=growth.  Encompassed within the planning, will be those frameworks that we have been introduced to during EDC3100.

Another great post compiled by Michelle, over at Keeping up with the Times delves into a list of considerations prior to going onto professional experience.  I can relate to Michelle, as I too am a busy mother and professional experience involves much more than just organising myself and my lessons, it involves the organisation of my children.  At times I sit back and think, why on earth didn’t I do this straight after school, prior to having children?  Having to ship them around and disrupt our routines is a lot to ask, yet something that I hope is very worth it in the long run.

As these ladies have mentioned, I am very grateful for the depth and preparation that David Jones (course examiner) has gone into this week.  He has really made a conscious effort to make us as prepared as possible in the lead up to professional experience.  While I am feeling anxious of what lies ahead, I am feeling a little less stressed knowing that preparation has started early.

In light of preparation, David had us compile a list of things we needed to consider prior to going into our professional experience settings and post it to the Week 9 forum.  I have compiled a list of some of things that I have already done and those yet to be achieved.  Please see them below:

I already know:

* The working use of the technology in the classroom

* The amount of computers/laptops  within the classroom

* The printing facilities

* How the IWB is used in the context

* The Internet facilities

* How ICT savvy the students are

* The teachers thoughts on ICT integration

* The students feelings towards ICT’s

* Some ways ICT’s are integrated in learning

I need to find out:

*How many computers/laptops are located in the library?

* How much library time do the students have per week, to enable full class use of ICT’s?

* How can I make best use of the computers/laptops I have and practice differentiation (Year 6/7 composite) at the same time (the teacher teaches them separately quite often).

* How do I go about accessing the school iPad’s?

* How and where will I access the contexts digital cameras?

* What types of sites do students have access to, which are blocked and what I can do about this?

* More about edStudio, so I can implement it on prac (as it is used regularly within the context).

* What are my plans for if technology doesn’t work?

* How have ethical, privacy and other related issues been considered?

* How are the needs for all students being supported?

* What other hardware/software will I need

* How often are specialist lessons?

* How many hours per week do the students with special needs spend in the SEU?

* What days are staff meetings usually conducted on?

* Are there any special events during my prac?

* What behaviour management system is used within the classroom?

* What do I do if the behaviour escalates and cannot be managed in the classroom, what is the procedure?

* How are students rewarded and can I use my own reward system?

* What will the focus of the PD sessions be on during my 3 week practicum?


I have some work to do, some of which I plan to find out prior to commencing professional experience.  The more information I can get prior to walking in the door on Monday May 13, 2013, the better prepared and less stressed I will feel.


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