Capturing the ‘Kodak’ moment and what to do with it

This post was inspired by an activity, which involved not only the capturing of a weather image in my local area but the sharing of an image.  This entailed using a digital camera (or in my case my iphone) and having the photo uploaded to flickr.  I had never used flickr before and was totally unaware of its capabilities as a photo sharing and storing tool.  When I was made aware that flickr could be used to upload a photo, add a comment and share it with the world, I was mesmerised.  What a great tool!

With some help provided by the EDC3100 week 2 study desk, I was prompted to take my image and email it to a particular web address to have it uploaded to a shared group.  Click here to view some other great weather images that have been added to this group.  Just by looking at this wide assortment of weather images you can appreciate the appeal this type of activity would have in the classroom.

Imagine this scenario in a classroom:  you are covering a unit of work on the weather, and in doing this a specific focus has been on erratic weather patterns such as; floods, cyclones and tornado’s.  Some students may have never experienced these weather patterns, however after uploading a picture of the weather in their area and sharing a comment they are met with other weather shots from around the globe.   This is nothing short of amazing.  Not only can they see the picture, they can comment!

This is the picture I captured and shared with my EDC3100 peers:

Caption:  This photo was taken this morning (8:15am, March 2nd, 2013) after a week of rain. The sun is trying to appear but the dark clouds suggest this wont be for long. The weather where I am located in Queensland, Australia has been very wet and a sunny day would be a nice change.

Flickr is definitely a program I am keen to further explore, when time permits of course.