The limitations of ICT’s

Well I think I have found a limitation of ICT’s.  While there are a plethora of free platforms available to use, there are also various platforms that I have come across during my learning journey that I would like to use, however have steered away from due to an associated cost.  When selecting Voki to do my introduction, an attraction of this tool, was that I could use it and not have to pay an additional cost.  It was able to meet my needs without an additional subscription.

A post on a fellow peers blog; ‘Keeping up with the times‘ got me thinking.  On this blog, Michelle wrote about the ease of Animoto and how it had allowed her to create a free 30 second video.  Had the video been longer than 30 seconds she would have had to upgrade her membership.  In some ways I see this as a limitation.  Had Michelle of had the option of creating a longer video for free, would her Animoto been longer than 30 seconds?  What she has done looks great, I just wonder whether had she of had the free option of creating a longer video whether she would have jumped at the chance.  This is something I will ask her over at her blog, which you can see here.  I have discovered that a lot of ICT tools tend to have free snippets of their platforms, however when it comes to things like more recording time or additional scenes etc. this requires a ‘premium’ membership with an associated cost.

On a personal level, I have been unable to embed video’s and clips into my Edublog.  The reason for this is I have not upgraded to a Pro subscription.  To do this I would need to pay an associated cost, which I have done before for other ICT platforms, however being a University student with no income, I need to be selective in which platforms I choose to upgrade.  However where there is a will there is a way.  As an alternative I have taken a screenshot of particular video’s and tweets I would have liked to embed (had I of subscribed to pro) and have instead pasted them into word and uploaded them as a jpeg.  I then have uploaded the image and attached a link directly to my video or tweet picture.  This has managed to ‘pretty’ up my blog, and created an alternative.  Not quite what I intended but never the less a better alternative then just adding a ‘boring’ looking link.

I have just recently tweeted a similar comment, in regards to the limitations of ICT’s due to associated costs.   Click on the image below to join in the conversation.  I look forward to hearing your experiences (both positive and negative) with ICT’s and associated costs imposed.