The things that ICT’s allow us to do, using my PLN to build a collaborative list

As a result of reading two worthwhile readings that both go on to define the operations that ICT’s allow the user to perform, I have decided to create a list that describes the various operations on information that electronic tools allow us to do.  Please feel free to comment below with any additional operations and I will add them to my blog list.

If you are interested in reading about how these operations on information can be used by utilising electronic tools please click on the links below the references heading.

I have also stumbled across an excellent post titled ‘8 Ways Technology is Improving Education’ (Kessler, 2010).  It lists the benefits of using technology in the classroom and lists some great platforms to do so.

I would like to thank the following people for kindly contributing to my ICT operations list, your input is greatly appreciated.

  1. Emma Smolenaers


Anderson, J. (2010). ICT Transforming Education: A Regional Guide. UNESCO Bangkok. Bangkok, Thailand.

Kessler, S. (2010). 8 Ways Technology is Improving Education [Web log post]. Retrieved from

Lloyd, M. (2005). Towards a definition of the integration of ICT in the classroom. In AARE’05 Education Research – Creative Dissent: Constructive Solutions. Parramatta, New South Wales.