Do you want an easy platform to create a speaking avatar?

Well if you are looking for a relatively easy platform to use that is capable of creating speaking avatars, look no further than Voki.  I must admit, I had used similar programs such as Xtranormal, but wanted to try something new.

I feel creating my Voki was successful largely due to the fact that I was able to transfer knowledge of using a similar platform to the Voki.  Using my knowledge from creating various Xtranormal video’s, I applied this to the Voki.  For me, this cemented that in a classroom, students should be prompted where possible to transfer learning from various ICT platforms to assist them when attempting to use new platforms.

You might be thinking, well I don’t have any prior experience using a text to speech program, so can I use Voki?  The answer is YES, of course you can!  Back to one of my older posts titled ‘Technology problem solved’, this is where you need to access information that is at your disposal.  Use google, try taking a You Tube online tutorial or simply ‘play’ with Voki following the simple step by step instructions.  Activate your growth mindset and the sky is the limit!

As the website mentions, Voki would be a great platform to implement in the classroom.  In a nutshell, I think Voki in a classroom is a positive because:

  • Assists in comprehension
  • Assists students who struggle with oral communication
  • Effectively implements technology
  • Increases language skills
  • Increases a sense of ownership
  • It is fun

For those interested in using Voki in a classroom, I have just noticed that they have a classroom management system, where students do not have to sign up.

Voki is a program I will with no hesitation implement in a classroom setting.  It is something I am keen to try during my practicum in May, as I think the students would get a great kick out of designing their avatar and watching it their text come alight.

5 thoughts on “Do you want an easy platform to create a speaking avatar?

  1. I thought I would just add a further reflection on the adding of my Voki. It seems the creation of a personal learning network (PLN) is already in full swing. After a fellow student had viewed my blog and commented, she mentioned my Voki wasn’t opening. After logging back in and selecting the URL from the published Voki as opposed to the URL from the search engine, voila it worked. Now my Voki could be accessed. Turns out taking the search engines URL while I was logged in was directing outside users to log in to see the Voki. Had I not have shared my blog link as a means of creating my PLN, I may have never known as it might not have been bought to my attention. Creating a PLN allows you to connect and share with others which is a powerful tool.

    Mrs Frintzilas

  2. Your blog and Voki introduction look great Kelly! I hadn’t heard of Voki before, so I might give it a go next time. Good idea to link your introduction to your blog too! Looking forward to connecting with you throughout the semester,


    • Hi Emma,

      Thanks for your post. Voki was a great platform to use, very simple and easy to use. I thought linking the introduction to the about page really finished off this page. Thanks for the positive comments. I look forward to visiting your blog. Feel free to drop on in on my other posts if you have some spare time.

      Mrs Frintzilas

    • Thanks Miss Kyra for your post. I am glad you are enjoying my posts. I am excited that my reflection on my experience with Voki has encouraged you to check it out. Please let me know how you find it when you give it a go. I think as time poor university students we tend to go a lot by recommendations and when we hear that a tool is effective and easy to use we tend to jump at the chance.


      Mrs Frintzilas

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