Technology problem solved

As the title suggests, this post is a reflection of how I overcame a technology challenge by conducting a simple Google search.

I was trying to embed a Voki into my blog (see About page) and this is where I was met with a challenge, it would not embed.  Instead of adopting a fixed mindset where I was to give up and avoid the challenge, I found an alternative.  Rather than throw the laptop at the wall, I decided to conduct a simple Google search.  Surely if I was having this problem, so were many others.  Taking my lead from a great blog post written by Mr Salsich (Salsich, 2012), I went back to basics and realised the information I needed was at my fingertips, staring right at me.

Had I not of conducted a quick and efficient Google search I may of never known that I needed an edublog pro account to embed a Voki.  Therefore, drawing on Mr Salsich’s  (Salsich, 2012) advice, I transferred learning from another platform (Webquest), to add a link to my Voki to open in a new window.  No, this didn’t allow it to embed how I had originally intended, however it did let me create an alternative, a link to it in a new window.  Surprise, surprise adding a link in edublogs works similarly to that in the webquest.

What a huge SUCCESS.  Not quite what I intended, but I saved a stack of time by doing it this way by drawing on knowledge at my fingertips.  I now recognise the power of encouraging learners to become self-directed.  This experience is easily transferable to an educative context, we should be assisting students to develop resilience and the ability to become self-directed learners.  I hope this encourages you to find the power within and use it to your advantage.


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