Resisting a fixed mindset

Ever felt like it would be easier to avoid ICT’s?  Are you one that avoids a challenge, due to a sense of fear?

Prior to designing this blog, I must admit I had a sense of fear.  How hard would it be?   Would I be able to transfer prior ICT skills to this platform to make it work for me?

The timing of reading a blog on fixed vs growth mindset could not have come at a better time.   Both mindsets were included in Michael Graham Richard’s blog (Graham, 2007) and prompted me to think about the benefits of adopting a growth mindset in this course.

First of all I had to identify as either having a fixed or growth mindset.  Generally speaking, I feel I have a growth mindset when it comes to ICT’s.  While I am not suggesting I am fearful of the unknown, I am up for the challenge.  I realise challenges and obstacles will come my way and I have to work through these to come out the otherside.

Yes ICT’s, are a relatively new and unfamiliar territory for me, however was my mindset ready for the challenge?

On first glance at the course and its week 1 requirements, I knew I was going to be up for a challenge.  Without embracing the challenges thrown my way (like setting up this blog), I was not going to grow.  How could I expect my students to try new ICT platforms willingly, if I was not going to adopt a growth mindset and embrace the challenge?  Isn’t the saying, practice what you preach?

So here I am, starting my ICT learning journey.  I am ready for the challenge and although I will face obstacles along my path, I will face them head on with a strong growth mindset.  Where there is a will, there is a way!!

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